Angwin Fire Station Renovation

Photo by Bob Wilson

As you know, we all benefit from having the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD), a group of about 35 members, in Angwin. Under the stellar leadership of Chief Avery Browne, this team gives more than 1,500 hours annually in training, educational programing at local schools, and in emergency responses—all for the benefit of our community.

Operating on very little revenue, the AVFD runs a first-rate program. Compare this the $3.9 million it would cost in benefits alone for a non-volunteer fire team! We all benefit tremendously from the dedication of these incredible volunteers.

Most of the funding for the department comes from community donations and fundraisers. The money raised allows us to pay for operations, but it leaves little to no revenue for anything else.

Yet our Angwin firehouse is in need of help! The firehouse kitchen needs renovation and an exterior wall of our garage, which houses the fire engines, is in need of serious repair.

As the governing board for the AVFD, the Angwin Community Council unanimously voted to focus this year’s fundraising efforts on improvements for the firehouse. Our goal is to raise $50,000 for phase 1 of the firehouse renovations. This will include securing and repairing the garage wall. Additional funds will go toward improving the station kitchen.

We are excited about this project, and we are dedicated to supporting our local fire department!  

Make a donation online or send a check to P.O. Box 747, Angwin, CA 94508.  On checks, please indicate Angwin Fire Station Renovation Project.

Donate today!